2013-07-25 14:52:08 [1 Comments]
whatswrongwithu Writes "I have been looking for a good doctor for a long time. Years. My wife finally found someone she liked and I was ok with. Recently our doctor went on mat leave which is fine. So I had some stuff I wanted to go to the doctor for. Made an an appointment with another doctor in the same office. Waited 40... >> more
Pan Handlers
Pan HandlersPanhandlers scaring everyone away from d
30something Writes: Is there not a way we can stop this? It's so frustrating and irritating! I'm s... >> More
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Pan Handlers
Pan HandlersPan Handlers in Dining Room?!?
BalthazaarRamrod Writes: The other day I went for dinner with a buddy of mine to PALATAL Mongolian restra... >> More
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TrafficLeft Lane
joejoetime Writes: People of WInnipeg! When you are on a four or more lane highway, such as the pe... >> More
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Politics / Government
Politics / GovernmentI want a symbol
JoeQuimby Writes: You may have all seen the recent advertisements talking about how great the meti... >> More
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Politics / Government
Politics / GovernmentSpirited Energy???
FreedomFries Writes: I thought by now someone would have ranted about the new and "?improved?" Mani... >> More
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Politics / Government
Politics / Government First Nations Want Cellphone Revenue
MaxSteel Writes: "The CBC is reporting that First Nations in Manitoba want compensation for ever... >> More
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Politics / Government
Politics / GovernmentCity Workers
Anonymous Writes: Does anyone ever notice how many city workers frequently sit around in coffee sh... >> More
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