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roscoe writes: Anybody see the billboard on Bison Drive close to Pembina Hwy. that has only one word on it, that word being .... "Jesusmas"...
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Email I got

telcan writes: My First post on this site and it isn't even my words, but i thought it was an interesting article I got emailed to me. Apparently it was published...
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Events in Paris, France

withoutprejudice writes: Anybody follow what's going on in France? ( ) Did somebody say that Europe was always ahead of Ca...
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TV vs Literature

BigB writes: A backlane special... I had an extremely enlightening conversation this evening. One of the most captivating conversations i have ever experienced....
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New Orleans

JT writes: Watching the aftermath of the hurricane devastation in New Orleans I felt for many of the people left behind, namely the children. For the rest of the...
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Support your local Red & White 81

sugarsweetdd writes: Support the fight for freedom....Get the real facts and news at the best newspaper in the This is where you find out the...
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Murder Capital

FreedomFries writes: So, Winnipeg is the Murder cap. of Canada again. I'm starting a poll. We have just over 2 months until the end of the year and 22 murders so far thi...
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Kyoto Accord

trailerparktrash writes: I am so voting for Harper .... the moment he said he'd dump that stupid Kyoto crap he had me. The problem is, will he deliver on that promise? Heck ...
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Comments on Decreasing Oil Supply

PortagerMovedCity writes: Hi, This doesn't really fit in here, but I wanted to post it...see what or if anyone had something to say. I am relatively young and let's say igno...
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Got to hand it to him... he has cojones

THETRUTH writes: Just wondering if anyone else has seen that article in the paper on Harper telling the Americans that he was going to send military up north to defend...
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Goodale Income Trusts

Anonymous writes: With each passing day the Income Trust scandal takes another twist and another contradiction. Now we are told by John McCallum himself that he knew...
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Addiction Survey Released!!!

sugarsweetdd writes: SOURCE: Canadian Press Some highlights from the Canada Addiction Survey, released yesterday: - - 44.5% of Canadians reported using cannabis at...
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Freedom In Jeopardy!!!! Fight now Canada

sugarsweetdd writes: So I feel that I need to voice my opinion here. The so called great government of ours is trying so hard to pass a new Bill 60....The Lawful Access B...
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sugarsweetdd writes: Libertarianism is what your mom taught you: behave yourself and don't hit your sister. Libertarianism: Your Way to Freedom, Abundance, Peace, Just...
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roscoe writes: I must say all this talk of society doing everything for the benifit of the kids makes me sick. First off, lets get this straight, I don't give a rat...
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